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The Kiwi Motel x Hyper Focus Films

Roxy Canada

Landshark Canada

The Tipsy Pelican

The Kiwi Motel Bar

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Additional skills offered: website design | graphics | social media

Professional creative with over 6+ years of industry experience working with both large and smaller brands, all while building my own. My passion for content creation has enabled me to turn my hobby into a career, providing brands with my expertise in not just photos, but website redesign, marketing strategies, and social media. My specializations include: Lifestyle photography, Branded content portraits, Creative Video, Social media growth, Sales insight, Website Updates, Brand Rejuvenation, and Email marketing.

Elora Distilling Co

Shale Ridge Winery

The Tipsy Pelican

Directed By Me Filmed By Hyperfocus Films

Willies Beach Bar

Dolcetto Restaurant


Landshark Canada

Photo Stills from a Hyperfocus Canada film shoot

beachfront airbnb

The Elora Brewing Co

Shale Ridge Estates Winery

Shale Ridge Winery x The Kiwi Motel

The Elora Brewing Co

Eecoh Living Lifestyle

luxury cottage

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Landshark Canada x Kiwi Motel


Grand Bend Cottage Rentals